Memories of Kashi


Memories of Kashi

Dusty fields greeted by the early morning sun

Seen through barred windows of a train.

A city introduced by the whispering sound of a ticket collector.

Life at an old station slowly awakening for a new day.

The first impression of this special place,

mixed with a warm mediterrean breeze.

Steep stairs leading to a sacred river,

almost motionless continuing its stream since ages.

The river passing the city through a bend,

welcoming pelgrims coming from all ends.

An image unfolding for the eyes,

which the mind longed for since young.

Through narrow alleys they walk:

people, sadhus, gods and cows all alike.

Small processions envocing Ram

stressing the impermanence of life.

A fire burning for thousands of years,

through which souls part from earth

Three worlds form one city,

one river to flow through it.

Kashi, being built at the cradle of human settlement,

before you there was no realm of air, no sky beyond.

Within your borders time and space are outruled.

You are past, present and future at once.

Oh, Kashi, so peaceful you are !

Years I longed to stand at your banks.

Oh, Kashi, so beautiful you are !

A return to you is sure.


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October 26, 2013 · 9:05 pm

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