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This writing, titled ‘Places’, is a more recently finished work. It is about the impressions experienced when re-visiting places you have ever been to. The idea for it actually started already years back, and the reflections about it were further developed over the years.

It tries to describe how your mind tries to deal with the combination of a background that you have been to, the place, and the fact that the situation in which you returned to that place is different. It’s like the place gives you the illusion that things remain unchanged, but through your memories being confronted with the reality of the present you are reminded that as a matter of fact life is a constant process of change.

According to me mostly when you re-visit places, you see them in another condition, say mental and social surrounding, as you originally visited them.

Not the place has changed so much, but your own life has progressed (especially when revisiting places after long time) and also the social frame of the place is mostly different. So somehow you re-encounter some kind of snapshot of your life, but the frame of the snapshot is completely changed. Such a situation makes you actually realise the world itself is  quiet ignorant towards what is happening on it, it is most of all us humans who get attached to the moments and situations when roaming through this worldly life.

A realisation often creating some form of melancholy or even loneliness when coming again to a place you have ever been to.

But let me share this without too many explanations.


A long winding lane leads you down to the river.

Water is flowing calmly through a metropolis built long ago.

Its stream bringing tranquility to the mind,

the borders of time and space are starting to fade away.

Images of colorful buildings, ancient gods,

lonely alleys, burning pyres, and homeless people

are being displayed on the screen inside the mind.

Returning to places is a journey of the mind.

Walking through memories that time has colored bright,

it makes you meet again somebody you once were,

and finally the stain of mind effects pretty bad.

It is the barking dog far away in the still of the night,

tormenting your sleep with the persistence of its noise.

The stone you always wanted to throw at it falls

unheard on the ground with an empty sound,

when you realize you do not know which side to direct the throw,

because the sound is coming from deep inside your brain.

The setting is the same but the plot has completely changed.

The attachment to the scenes that are already played,

the uniqueness of a moment never acknowledged that time,

through the lapse of time is abruptly transformed into hollow memories.

Places never bother about the people who go or stay,

but it is against their backgrounds that memories are stored.

The unreal sustainability with which locations are remembered,

turns the visitor of his own past into a stranger in his own world of thoughts,

often leaving him behind with a loneliness turned into endless void,

through memories frozen to a ‘reality’ that in essence is unreal.


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  1. This post really spoke to me. I am someone who really likes to return to common places that I have travelled to before. Each time I do it is different but as you say it is ME often that has changed. Lovely insights ~ Lakshmi x

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