With its mechanical cruelty the train

is rushing forward through the deepest night.

it only stops at stations to make people

board and unboard into new life situations.


dusty streets directed passengers to the station,

melancholic thoughts lay like dust on the brain.


having parted from places and persons

they might never see again in their lives,

and having turned situations of their stay

into memories they will cling to, surpress or just forget,

people lie down on their allocated berths

snoozing through this transit in time and place


the world being in grip of the all covering spell of darkness,

outside the horizons of unknown places are invisible.

the destinies of unknown people living along

the carefully planned tracks of this well scheduled train

remain untold and unfolded and nobody cares.


the ticket collector validating this journey,

is a confirmation that on this train there is no return.

the blanket spread out on the berth offers an illusion

of warmth conflicting with the cold inside the mind.


as the night grows older a silence takes grip of this train,

but the persisting noise of unfinished thoughts is driving insane.

when the mind is in despair it is good to know somebody is awake,

but that particular night it is good all passengers are deep asleep.


tiredness is fighting against the objection of the mind

to end this day and start a new one.

everybody on this train has his destination,

but I do not want to have one.


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