Deceptive World – Commentary


In my earlier post ‘Deceptive World’ I posted without any introduction or commentary the lyrics I wrote down after having reflections about the deceptive nature of the world. Today I felt inspired to write down a brief overview behind the idea and thoughts around these lyrics.

Mainly the idea to it came after reflecting about the fact that our empirical observations can differ significantly from individual to individual although we actually are experiencing the same phenomena. In my opinion the reason for this is that the phenomena we observe do not have an own substance. Our mind tends to define phenomena on base of the different temporary features of which phenomena consist. So it is actually our mind that creates a concept or name for the collection of all features which a phenomenon consist of. While this process of course is influenced by cultural conventions and other factors like mother tongue of the individual, this still is an individual process, which is the reason that the same phenomena can be experienced different by different persons.

This observation brings us to the conclusion that the elements that we experience in this world are actually devoid of an own substance and are nothing more than interpretations and name conventions and he or  the institution (culture, religion, political organisation,…) who controls these interpretations and conventions actually defines the world.

If the worldly phenomena or elements would have their own substantial nature they could not change and would be permanent. Experience shows us that nothing is permanent, even not the world itself.

Still it also not possible to conclude that worldly phenomena are unreal since after all they are experienced as real. Phenomena are rather to be seen as some kind of reflection of a collection of certain elements and features which on its own turn are only collections of several elements and features. This lack of any own identity or referential nature makes phenomena complete relative. Or you could say deceptive but not unreal.

This process of our mind trying to interpret these actually deceptive phenomena or elements actually creates disturbance. Consequently to giving existence to these disturbances, our mind generates emotions. Also these emotions are without substance since they are nothing more than a collection of the elements and features produced by this disturbance of the mind which on its turn is created by an attempt to interpret non-substantial and non-permanent worldly phenomena.

The fact of being without  own substance is the base of the disintegrative nature of these disturbances and emotions created by the mind and caused by the environment we live in and which we attempt to interpret.

So only by recognizing the true – deceptive – nature of these disturbances and emotions it is possible to create a state of calmness and enables an individual to relativize a lot of things in life. This state of calmness on its turn creates freedom: not feeling the need of defining and naming things generates for an individual a great independence towards people or institutions since there is no need anymore for anybody to define and name experienced phenomena according certain conventions.

By denying any substance underlying the phenomenal world the mind accepts the fact that is impossible to objectively define the phenomenal world and therefor the individual has no need any more of any convention or institution to formulate these – impossible – definitions of the phenomenal world.

Besides material and mental concepts even the abstract concepts we know in this phenomenal world, like the concept of time for example, are conventions created by humans, and are consequently without any objective, independent nature and existence and therefor to be considered as being deceptive.


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