Peace of Mind


Who does not know that feeling of longing for those places where you can come to rest: the alone standing mountain hut, the romantic cottage house, the penthouses with magnificent ocean view,…

But why do we actually long for those places when it is so easy to retire in our own soul? There is no better, more peaceful and easier retreat for us then within our own self.  In our own soul at any time we can find tranquility, which is complete absence of the disturbance, tumultuousness, confusions and distorted impulses that our senses carry keep on forwarding to our mind without any interruption.

If you have that capacity to switch your mind at any time and in any situation into this modus you create a lot of freedom for yourself.

This life is change, defined by opinion and judgements. Whenever this illusive environment we life in distracts the mind too much, it is a wise thing to retire in yourself and realize that those things disturbing us right now are subject to change and soon will be no more.

There is nothing that comes out of nothing, and so there is nothing that is pure nothingness. Although not having an own identity we cannot deny that we experience the worldly phenomena, and that what we create – maybe sometimes only to our own selves – in our own definitions and observations at that time is real for us.

Just the same way, in successive instant moments, we are somehow experienced as real. Only it is complete irrelevant, in the abstract phenomena time measured, how long what we consider as real ‘me’ (this construction of the mind that in reality in its turn is only a succession of instant me’s), is existing. Why we consider ourselves as real is because our material form, the body, is embodied with life. Life is what gives us the capability to sense and experience our environment, the world. But there never is a proper way to separate our bodily form again from life. We can get two thousand years old, still even at that age it will be only an instant moment when life departs what we consider to be ‘me’.

Of course by recognizing the empty nature of single phenomena, including the mind concept of the own self, it is perfectly possible to create an idea of complete void. But even that void at that moment is in some way real since we are experiencing it. Maybe this impression of complete void is something very non-understandable and non-definable and therefore feared somehow by people, although this bringing back things to its void reality and nature is actually exactly the peaceful effect (because this impression of void actually is this energy called life?) created by retiring in its own soul.

Because of this reason it is a very strong practice to retire into your own soul. There are no restrictions on doing it which on the contrary you have when you need to go to secluded places to bring your mind to rest. For that kind of retirement you need free time, money, etc.  Retirement into your own soul can be practiced at any time. You can practice it in traffic jam, you can do it in the midst of a stressful meeting, if you get bored somewhere you can just switch off,…

So that’s why I would propose next time you feel stressed, do not stress yourself more thinking how to create the possibility to visit those places where you can come to rest, just look into your soul and gently turn the switch.


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