Strange Life


Imagine you would be born in this world and from the first moment have the intellectual capacity enabling you to reflect about the world the way you are able to do now.

It probably would be a real pure image not distorted by any referential framework like cultural background, the social layer of society you live in, the country you live in, the books you have read, the philosophical systems you have studied, etc.

Most probably you would experience the worldly phenomena through your senses and just accept them how they are without trying to name and define them.

You would not differ between right and wrong, because you would not be instructed yet by anyone or any system what is right and what is wrong.

You would accept it as a simple fact that things come to existence and also disappear again.

Everything would be experienced being neutral.

You would not get attached to things and try to cling to them since experiencing phenomena as being neutral, you would not start to desire them.

Without desire you would rather consider yourself being one with your environment.

Is it possible that at that instant moment just after birth we are still one with this energy in us that gives us life and after that more and more drift away from it by the conception of an ego?

Is it the combination of the sensations we experience through our senses and the referential frames of our social environment that makes us naming and defining things, and categorize phenomena as positive or negative, and this way create the thought of an ego?

Or would we even only on base of the sensations we experience through our senses develop a reaction of defining and naming things, and start categorizing things as positive or negative and this way create the thought of an ego?

Because if this is so this consequently would mean that creating the concept of an ego is inherent to this combination of body and the energy inside us that gives life to the substance being our body.

That would also mean that it actually is an essential characteristic of the most neutral part of our self, the part that connects every one of us with the borderless universe, the life giving energy itself, or soul if you want to call it that way, creating this distorted view on the world.

If you think deeper of it, isn’t it a sad, almost paradox, fact that in the first years of our lives, although our intellectual capacity starts to increase, the older we get we start seeing the world more distorted?

The only explanation for this can almost only be that at least in the first years of our life the senses have a much bigger influence on our mind and our thinking than the intellect has.

Maybe just because of the fact that in the beginning of our life our intellectual capacity is not fully developed yet and is not capable to interpret the incoming sensations created by our senses properly and is need of the referential frameworks of our environment, we are not able to recognize the fact that the phenomena around us are without identity and therefore to be treated equal and emotionless.

In a later stage, with an increased intellectual capacity it is possible through reasoning to deprogram our mind again, or when not properly using this capacity further and more badly distort our mind and the way we observe the world.

Since our senses and the process of transferring the sensations, created by these senses, to the mind seem to be part of this life giving energy in us, it is simply impossible for us humans to keep a clear view on the worldly phenomena after being born.

You can say more or less it is due to our human nature that we start seeing the world in a distorted way and it is up to us to find back to our inner self.


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