Is our consciousness the root of our deception?


One factor required to create the idea of an ego, or to imagine individuality behind hollow worldly phenomena is having a conscious mind.

But what exactly is consciousness? Do only we humans experience consciousness or do all living creatures experience consciousness?

I believe human beings and animals both are conscious beings. The difference is the nature of their consciousness. Animals experience the world almost exclusively through their senses. But still you cannot reduce them to some kind of biological mechanism since they also show some kinds of inner experience: they show fear, excitement, have likes and dislikes, etc. But, and that makes them different, they do not think and reason the way human beings do. And they cannot transfer experience and knowledge the way we human beings do through speaking and writing.

It probably is the degree of complexity of the nervous system and capacity of the senses of living creatures that is decisive how conscious they are, how much inner experience they have.

This consciousness in creatures of any kind must have always existed and has developed through time. The evolution of simple awareness to detailed and emotional inner experience reached its peak in us human beings.

Because of our higher capacity of consciousness we also have a different perception of the dimensions space and time compared to other living creatures: our world is not restricted to the environment which we experience through our senses, and time is not restricted to the years of our life: we have knowledge of the time before we lived, and we can imagine how the future might look like.

Further our degree of consciousness allows us to think in associations: if we think ‘car’ the image of a car appears to our mind, we can bring back images of the past to our mind, although those experiences were mind quite long ago, etc.

Same way we start to think what might or might not be. Through thinking human beings create options, like discussed in my last post.

It is this high degree of consciousness that enables us to reflect about the world and about life, and eventually even makes us start writing our hypotheses and thoughts in form of a blog.

It is this capability of thinking, reasoning, and transferring of knowledge, that makes us human beings ‘superior’ to any other living creature, and makes us start reflecting about ourselves too. This self-reflective consciousness finally made us think that somebody or something must be steering these capacities: the ego.

This concept of an ego was mainly constructed because until today nobody succeeded to find, define and explain this ‘self’, experienced through its consciousness, in us. Lacking the capacity to define the nature of this ‘self’ in us, we started to define this ‘self’ on base of the way we appear, or want to be perceived by others. How we are perceived by others is a combination of looks, things achieved, beliefs, personality, status, background, etc.

The same way that other worldly phenomena are perceived and defined through a collection of single elements they consist of, we are also perceived. Even by ‘our self’. This collection of single elements creates the idea that there should be individuality behind it. Same way this self-reflection makes us believe we have an individuality: the ego.

This deception started by self-awareness based on a highly developed consciousness, which summited in the creation of an ego, actually has reduced us to being dependent on events around us since we defined ourselves, or you can say our ego, on base of a collection of events around us. Having these events, hollow of nature, as foundation of what we consider to be ‘me’ makes us as hollow and unreal as these events.

Every dependency implicates a factor having control over the subject being dependent on it. This form of control this dependency on events around us has over our imagined ego makes us develop emotions like fear, because after all for us it is impossible to have total control on our environment and the events taking place in it.

This fear on its turn prevents us of developing a peaceful state of mind which makes us cling even more to this concept of an ego that we created.

Other living creatures not having such high developed consciousness, and lacking the factor self-awareness, for sure have not developed the concept of an ego, and consequently also have not developed the kind of fears and worries we human beings are confronted with.

So finally I think it is justified to ask the question whether highly developed consciousness, in form of self-awareness, the voices in our head, is the main root of deception, the main root for our limited and artificially derived sense of identity.

Consequently the main factor to understand the true nature of this consciousness, which is the foundation of what we experience as ‘life’, and recognize the false identity it created, can only be to silence these voices in the head and deprogram the mind of all think patterns and associations these voices created.


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