The Role of Creativity


What we call our ego is a composition of traditions, memories, educative aspects, etc. that we have been imposed to or have experienced during our lives. Once our ego established itself it wants to be left undisturbed. Since it desires to be eternal it is quite averted to any kind of change.

That is actually why we are so attached to what we have: Because our ego identifies itself on base of this collection of things, relations, titles, achievements and status we have collected.

One of the strategies of our ego is to give us an impression of security. Once a person has developed a feeling of security he or she does not want things to be changed, since every change could mean a threat to this feeling of security that is developed. Consequently we human beings fear death, because death is an uncontrollable and final stop to our collection of things we try to protect so badly. To the contrary an animal for example during his life most probably will not have any thoughts or fear towards death at all.

Next to the fear of possibly losing things we have achieved or collected, this protective attitude leads us to introducing routine in our lives. If we know that from Monday to Friday we go to work, and carry out the same known tasks, if we know that once or twice a year we go on holidays, if we know that every day in the evening we meditate, if we know that every morning we drink a cup coffee to start the day, we feel safe. These habits, these mechanical actions which we can carry out almost without thinking, give us a feeling of security.

Unfortunately this passive way of living restricts us of finding ourselves. At the moment we introduce these kinds of routined patterns in our lives we actually just imitate what social and traditional patterns prescribe us to be.

At that moment we just play a predefined role in that specific society or community we live in. And although as a matter of fact we should be all equal, we are not since our societies and cultures attached a certain status with the different roles that have to be carried out to make the society function as a whole. This is actually a contradiction since after all every single element is required to keep the order of the entirety function, but as it is in our societies nobody questions this mechanism of giving the single roles within a society different importance and status and accordingly treat the individual people different.

These differences of course create emotions like ambition and envy which lead to conflicts. The combination of these permanent conflicts and the routine we have developed leaves us very little time if not to say no time to reflect about who we are and what is actually the nature and purpose of our being. Most of the time we are just busy ‘being somebody’ fitting in the conventions of our environment. Playing our society defined roles there is no real time to experience life and actually just be us.

We just live predefined conventions, and it are actually exactly these conventions we have to give up to encounter ourselves and to start experience very life itself.

So what is actually needed most to achieve this is creativity. To tear down walls and come to something completely different you need creativity. The willingness to tear down the wall around us, which is built on the foundation of our culture, social background, the environment we live in, to deprogram our mind, is one thing, but from where to get the required creativity?

If we only concentrate on those aspects in life which we categorize to be good and positive again we will enter in some kind of passive state that will not really bring us forward. Again we will be just be reproducing. By reproducing that what some convention tells us is good or positive we will just build a new wall around us. So it is not really a creative approach.

Therefore I think to bring forward real chance and with this change deeper understanding of life it is necessary to confront yourself  with the more uncomfortable aspects of life, society and culture too. Of course by doing so you definitely create some real uncomfortable situation towards your own emotional and psychological being. But exactly this is what will bring your mind out of the comfort zone that is protecting the ego. Your mind is forced at that moment to come up with some real creativity to try to weigh your mind again in safety and get back into its comfortable passive ego protecting state. And that is when you can really experience life and learn something about the nature of your existence.

Everybody who is gone through some difficult phase in life knows that you generally come out much stronger and more mature of such a situation than when you try to see the world permanently through rose-tinted glasses. And that is what most conventional social, religious or political institutes try to do: distribute rose-tinted glasses to the people to make sure people will not wake up one day and realize that without the glasses the world is not rose-tinted at all. But without the not rose-tinted aspects it is not possible to understand life as well.

Sometimes uncomfortable things are a prerequisite for the realization of something good or positive. A good action not necessarily results in something else good, and same way a negative action or event not necessarily is restricted to resulting every time in something else being bad or negative. After all both aspects are essential elements of the dualistic nature of the world of phenomena how we define and know it.

Creativity results into creation. Creation is considered to be one of the main characteristics of what we consider to be the godly nature which is the source and structure behind all being and phenomena. So creativity for sure should be one of the main keys to understand our very own self.

And of course to come to the understanding of the true nature our own selves we have to be ready every day again to forget yesterday and give up the securities which are only there to ensure us that tomorrow definitely will look exactly the same as yesterday and today.

Only then we will have created the freedom necessary to really experience life and not convention.


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