Treasure Map


Many people are not only looking for truth, but for THE truth in life. In our lives is it actually possible to find THE truth? Can there be at all something like THE truth valid for all human beings?

Yes, actually there is one but of course since we still do not understand exactly what life is, and therefore also not its beginning and ending, it does not sound so inviting: THE truth for all beings is death. But this exactly is not the truth people want to hear about. So people start looking for some other omnipresent truth, which preferably overrules this truth of death. And often they even forget to simply live fearing their whole life through its end. But of course this is complete different topic.

Just suppose there would be something like a truth valid for each individual. Since it would have to be something real, consequently it would have to be some static. Static means not subject to change. But which thing in this world we live in is static? Nothing. So how can there be a universal truth? And how could such a universal truth lead to eternal individual being?

Still this is what society models, religions and political models try to bring forward: an overall applicable truth. But the main objective of course is not to bring people to spiritual insights about the essence of their being, but it is mainly constructed to control individuals and that way protect a structure which grants power and control over other people to those who created it or who are in the leading functions of it.

While during childhood, school and college the mind is still free and relatively free of worries it is like once you are done with your studies society swallows you. You suddenly have a job that places you somewhere in society according to the amount of status and power the society model you live in has attached to the position you have, you have to make sure that you keep this job and if possible make promotion to obtain more status and power, you suddenly have fixed life costs, eventually you suddenly have a mortgage and consequently financial dependencies to finance bigger investments society makes you believe that you need them, eventually you have bought property which binds you to one specific place, etc.

So best thing in life is actually to give up this search for THE truth, and simply look for the truth behind simple things. THE truth is only provided by institutions aiming to make you a product of their conventions, a puppet on the strings they pull. At that moment that you choose a certain predefined system or religion as THE truth you start conditioning yourself even more trying to realize the ideal they put forward. So better to live life without all those stories and rules made to be reproduced and obeyed. Do not reduce yourself being somebody being made and defined by others, simply be yourself and claim it as a right to be ‘different’ or ‘strange’ at times.

It is so much more productive, it means so much more freedom to just live your life instead to worry whether you live ‘a straight life’ and to worry constantly whether your life is secured enough against being downgraded for some reason in the community model to which through your current life situation you belong to. If you have thrown of those chains of convention suitable thinking your mind will really start having a more unconditioned approach towards understanding who or what you actually are and you can really start searching for truth, but truth behind the things and situations you encounter during your journey called life not some kind of convention cunningly calling itself truth.

And towards this kind of truth expressed through life everybody will be finding its own individual path. There is not one authorized but there are countless unauthorized treasure maps for this. So throw away the authorized one(s), start drawing your personal one and start your expedition.


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