States of Mind


Thoughts, objects and experiences do not have a permanent existence. Although they are experienced and so you can say at least in our perception are there, they are not real. As well during being awake as during dreams we experience situations that at that moment are taken for real.

Those objects, situations and thoughts experienced in our awake state are often contradicted by the objects, situations and thoughts experienced during our dreams when sleeping and vice versa.

In both awake as non-awake state it is our mind, our ego that makes us believe these things are all real although they are temporary of nature.

The only time we are in the same nature as our origin, our source, is during dreamless sleep. Means when our self-awareness, our ego, also goes to sleep. At that time only our deepest consciousness is active, not the kind of consciousness that leads to self-awareness, on its turning leading to self-definition in form of our ego.

Everybody must have ever experienced the situation of waking up immediately out of this state of dreamless sleep without first passing the state of dreaming. At that time you really feel very disorientated. You do not know what time of the day it is, you sometimes do not know where exactly you are,… All this you only know again as soon as your ego has taken over again, and your ‘identity’, which is constructed on external factors, is back.

So to understand our real nature, our source from where we originated we actually have to understand what exactly this deep consciousness, this state of dreamless sleep is, and how it is possible to have different levels of consciousness.

To understand what exactly is that what we call life we have to understand how and through which actions our state of dreamless state is turned into dreams and into awakened state again, or to understand what triggers this switching between the different levels of consciousness.

A difficult task indeed since that what you want to come to know can only be experienced at a time that all our facilities to experience things are switched off.


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