Perception of Existence


At the source of the universe there is pure existence. Or better said the universe is a natural attribute of pure existence. Deep in each human being there is pure existence. Through our senses we see pure existence only distorted. Although pure existence is static and eternal we measure it in dimensions of time and space and that way create a worldly appearance of it. This distorted view makes us consider these attributes of pure existence to be individual things, events and objects. We name and define those things. The seer in us, our consciousness, our self-awareness, defines itself on those self-defined worldly phenomena and that way creates the idea of individual existence, the ego. We do not only consider ourselves to be individual, we also consider all self-defined things, events and objects to be individual.

If we manage to go beyond this distorted view, the distortion disappears. The effect that is taking place during dreamless sleep. So it is more or less irrelevant to start searching for the cause of this distorted view, the effect of distortion is rather to be seen as an aspect of the self-awareness of our human being and therefore more or less non-explainable since it is something our human mind is unable to define or name.

Consequently we can say that it is not like this that we do not see and know pure existence at all. It is rather appropriate to say that in our state of thought and matter we actually see an appearance of pure existence that is distorted by our senses, consciousness and self-awareness. On the other hand it is through our self-constructed concept of an ego that we actually acknowledge the fact that there is pure existence deep inside us, because without existence also no ego would be possible. Of course once the ego has installed itself, if defines itself by keeping up an image of the appearance of the universe on base of names and forms instead of being just a natural attribute of pure existence, because in that case it would be an attribute of something bigger instead of being something individual.

This kind of distorted perception of pure existence is definitely to be considered of another type as the kind of wrong perceptions we can have on more individual base like for example in dreams. Once we wake up this type of wrong perception is automatically gone. It is also different from the wrong conception we can experience through the conditioning of the mind that is imposed by culture, religion or political systems. By pure reasoning or by own experience of other cultures, religions or political systems you can overcome this conditioning of the mind and consequently the wrong perception created by it.

But there is practically no way to overcome the distorted view of pure existence. Unlike these other types of wrong perception this distorted view is not so much an individual type of perception but more a universal type of perception equal valid for all human beings. One that continues through whole life since this distorted perception of pure existence is practically non-definable and consequently non-understandable through the common functionalities of the human mind and body.


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  1. Very nice and inspiring blog! Thanks for following “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. 🙂

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