The deception of our mind is caused by the union of our body and the life giving energy deep inside us. Without body provided of senses life giving energy would not lead to self-awareness, without life giving energy the body and its senses would just be dead material.

So you can say the birth of the universe is not really to be seen as a birth in the strict sense. The universe in its pure essence is just a part of the pure existence, it is always been there, but the universe as we know it with beginning and ending only came into ‘existence’ by the deception of our mind which on its turn came into being by the unification of life giving energy and pure matter, a body. With other words the universe how we know it only exists in our own deception.

The body has a range of instruments, the senses, through which we can experience the phenomenal world around us. But these instruments only function through the combination with this life giving energy.

This life giving energy seems to be of the same nature of the static pure existence, which although completely inactive of nature, is the base of everything our senses in the combination with our self-awareness make us believe that is there and that so said is real.

Consequently we can conclude that one of the attributes of this life giving energy has to be some kind of deceptive energy that in combination with a material form – a human body – transfers the sensations we experience through this material form into some kind of delusion. That way we see the universe as individual object while it actually is just an attribute of pure existence.

While the material form, the body, is impermanent the life giving energy is permanent, since unlike to what the ego tries to make us believe it is not individual, but is part of the permanent static pure existence. You can compare this with any reservoir containing air: when the container breaks, the air that was inside of it is still there. The air was not at all part of the container that broke.

After coming to this conclusion the question that rises is why does pure existence actually has this feature that it combines energy with material form?


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