Re-visiting Places (3)

“One should not return to places where he had a good time. This thought frightens me since – contrary to cinema – in life there is no replay”

(Gabriele Salvatores)


When I read this quote I had to think back of my earlier posts about re-visiting places. It mostly gives a very odd feeling if you re-visit a place which you have linked to certain memories: the scene is the same but the play is totally different. And most of all you cannot ignore the fact that the place itself is not bothered at all about who remains or stays.

Whenever life brings a situation which makes you feel happy it is somehow an almost unavoidable reaction to spoil it with sadness coming into existence by the attempt to freeze this moment forever which of course is not possible. Our mind is intelligent enough to understand instinctively the end of everything started or experienced. Nevertheless we tend to try to grasp such moments forever which creates a feeling of melancholy, sadness or even loneliness.


By many thinkers life is compared to a stream, a river, which waters rush continuously into every open space offered. Still humans try to build a dam. The dam then should withhold some of the water of the stream together and freeze an – enjoyable or secure – situation forever. Of course this will not work out. It rather will create a constant fear that some of the water still will get spilled or lost.


Same emotion I guess it is that creates the feeling of melancholy or loneliness when you re-visit places that had a certain meaning or role in your life: the dam was not able to stop the stream from rushing further. And so the memories you have frozen in your mind come in conflict with the fact that time, although being a human made concept, eats – and that way changes – everything.


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