Life Patterns



the slam of a door

ended the silence

in the tower of books


the air was carrying

a breeze from Positano


on a small note was written

how the world would end

and what that would mean to you


in an universe expanded like this

those tears before the darkness

are as pointless as the gold rush


strange people are coming by

to stare at postcards

of distant places


behind the window panes

of the old house at the corner

somebody died and tea was served


in the park down the road

incense was burnt and

leaves were falling


children were playing

and dogs were barking

a junky put his golden shot


the tales of the

drizzling rain falling in silence

brought clarity about this life


and when everything

fell in its patterns

the void started spinning



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2 responses to “Life Patterns

  1. Very good, one of your best pieces

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