Parallel Worlds – Potentials and Dangers

Having to deal in daily life with parallel worlds what are actually their potentials and their risks?

As mentioned in my last post about this topic ( if we speak about parallel worlds on a bigger scale we speak about society, culture, religions: The thought structures that can influence masses.

If somebody asks you the question whether it is a good thing to influence masses you would tend to say no because instinctively you would say developing and expressing own individuality is the factor in which the degree of freedom of the people is measured. But is that so? Also individuality after all is some kind of reference frame which is artificially created, this time by the self. So on a smaller scale your own individuality too can be seen as a parallel world restricting, filtering and influencing your perceptions and thoughts. So where is actually the freedom in it?

In that way apart from the question whether they represent some kind of truth or not the parallel worlds of society, culture and religion under circumstances can provide a more stable and more social surrounding because those parallel worlds try to provide a framework of regulations and conduct for a community with some kind of manual, call it etiquette, for living with and respecting each other. Just imagine all people would live exclusively according their own convictions and their individual morality. Most probably this would lead to a very egoistic world with interaction between people being reduced to egoistic motives. The social darwinism of neo-liberalism probably gives us an indication of what the world would be like.

In most societies and cultures there seems to be a clear tendency that a huge majority of the people need a hold, a guidance, that provides an order, a security to which they can stick to. Being happy with their lives they do not want to question it. Neither they want to see it endangered by some weird thoughts about the origin or purpose of it. Self-esteem and self-realisation often is experienced and defined through external factors like job, salary, social reputation, etc. So generally with regards to the common interest and understanding among the people there would be nothing wrong providing some kind of a structure that gives hold and provides these factors if it is more or less fair. The problem is most of these structures only pretend to be fair. The weak point is that those structures can be handy tools to let majorities be dominated by minorities driven by their own motives. I know this is a bit black / white characterized, but otherwise the underlying thought would get too complicated to be expressed.

But as mentioned already the other alternative of everybody living according its own created structure or order does not look so bright either. The effect of being blinded by a parallel world be it this one created individually or that one created by some ‘authority’ is actually almost the same but the effects of a completely individual ego-driven society might be even more hazardous.

Unconditional self-realisation or paternalism through society, culture, religion, etc. both carry the same illusory effects and consequently potential dangers any parallel world or artificial order brings forward.

One of the big dilemmas of the human species is the conflict that to realize freedom you actually have to give up that what instinctively you feel you have to express and realize more – your personality. Or let’s say your ego. That part inside the human brain that creates the illusion of self-awareness. Unfortunately there is no prefabricated structure which can do that for you. Since the self-awareness is based on an unique combination of factors like background, position in society, etc., for every individual manifestation of self-awareness, there needs to be a ‘unique’ process of decomposition of this self-awareness.

Unfortunately it’s the unique character of this required process that inevitably creates an alienating effect by coming in conflict with the structures defined by governments, religions, etc., which rather focus on common rules and moral conduct. With other words: to overcome self-awareness it is necessary to make the object that defines itself through parallel worlds unrecognizable for parallel worlds, to which our self-awareness often instinctively is longing to belong to since it is defined through it.

This is maybe even the biggest danger of parallel worlds: they are the source of an inborn fear to get released from the influence of them because at least a part of the whole composition of the individual is actually defined through it.


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