Free will

Free will is considered to be the capability to make choices unconstrained by other factors. But how free is or can be our free will actually? Humans generally have a strong sense of freedom, which makes them at least believe that they have a free will, but do they really have?

If we speak about free will of course there should be an object or an agent having that free will. Besides that, this particular object or agent should have the capability to observe and interpret its surroundings. Obviously this is only possible for conscious beings. The will then, like memories, is an object of self that is subject to ongoing change. The self is subject to ongoing change because as a matter of fact there is no self really, it rather is the combination of certain subjective factors.

So thinking this through free will is actually the summation of subjective experiences of a subjective ever changing entity – the self – that in its turn as a matter of fact is the summation of a range of subjective phenomena. So how free is this so called free will then since it seems to be driven by the combination of so many different dependent, subjective components, which through observation are more or less coincidentally, or at least very subjectively, put together?

Phenomena only become phenomena when they are being observed or you can say reality is a matter of observation. But if even the observers are a product of self-observation based on illusive self-awareness, which entity can be having a free will then? Should not it rather be said that the notion of having a free will rather has to be considered as a sign of a considerable dependency or even restriction of thought?

Or even further thought: if reality can be restricted to being a matter of observation instead of being some kind of effect, which is caused by previous decisions made on base of a free will, what consequences does that have on the time-related concept ‘past’? In case the self is an ever changing object its observations and consequently its perceptions do change too. For example we probably see our childhood probably different now in comparison with how we did see it let’s say ten years ago. Now since as it looks past is not an objective fact but a result of the combination of certain factors and how they were subjectively perceived at that time, does another way of subjective observation actually also change that what we consider to be past?



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