The Limits of our Being

The universe is the biggest area that we can experience and try to explain through physical experiments. But there is no reason at all to believe that because of this reason the universe is all there really  is in our lives. Cultures, countries, religions, dreams, our own reflections are all phenomena to us which are maybe not so much physically scalable but to us can be as much reality as the universe is. With other words: next to the physical reality there is also a reality, or better said many human made realities: religion, society, law, language, corporate cultures in the corporate world, etc. The world we know is a summation of physical experiences and concepts made by humans. According to somebodies individual situation this ‘world’ is for every individual a different kind of reality and therefor cannot be real in the strict sense of the word.

But what actually is the universe? And where does this universe exist? Maybe what we call universe is only existing in our own consciousness and for that reason infinite? What is God? And where is he? And why, while the universe is so infinitely huge, should exactly the world and our human race be in the center of his attention like certain religions believe? Why would a God create such an immense universe to populate only one tiny planet with living beings?

But can this universe really be infinitely huge or do we rather have to consider the universe as something that is surrounded by void? I guess for many this would be a fearful thought since this could mean that one day the universe can get absorbed by the void and along with it God and our own human race will be gone too. This would also put us for a really difficult choice: either we chose to live in the illusionary realities which we create for ourselves or we accept that in its essence everything is in the void and we have to try to cope with a complete sense-free reality.

When we are born we are creatures that do not know how we came here and where this journey will lead to. Through habituation and education we adjusted ourselves to what we consider to be the world. At a certain age many of us start to question this world and start to ponder about the sense of our life. But these attempts are all still made based on these views that we have built through habituation and education. Many things make instinctively sense to us because we are used to them and have never experienced them different. That this isn’t really so you usually realize when you travel for the first time to a far away country and are confronted for the first time with a culture quite different from your own. Just think of the fish swimming in the bowl completely not being aware about the world outside his bowl. So to really start thinking about the world and the sense of our lives it is actually necessary to somehow throw away this framework created through habituation and education completely. If we would be sent to another planet on which we would find alien civilization we would not take the aspects of their civilization so much for granted and sense-making like we accept the aspects of our human civilization as sense-making. To really start thinking free it is necessary to look at our world as if we would be thrown into this world a second time without knowing this civilisation.

It is this capacity of reflecting about things that makes us humans different from animals: they also experience, they might even have feelings, but they do not question the things they experience. Of course you could start reflecting now whether this has to be considered a curse or a blessing. Without doubt this capacity of reflecting about things created the concept power through which so many things in this world – and also in our individual perceptions – are initiated, steered and influenced. Those individuals that are capable or willing the most to reflect about things are the ones who could (mis)use this capacity create and manipulate systems and concepts that through habituation and education start to be considered as reality. This is actually the real dangerous aspect about it.

But besides that obviously by only being able to understand our own made concepts and theories we can maybe understand and reason about those self created worlds and live in them, but due to our human restrictions it will most probably remain impossible as a human being to understand the essence of the complete figure behind all that we experience and create through our own perception and thoughts.



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