Mother Tongue

Young children somehow have the capacity to learn the language of their environment almost automatically. The capacity to pick up a mother tongue seems to be some kind of pre-given capacity of any human being. Through the mother tongue the child learns to think and communicate.

Comparing this process of mastering the mother tongue, at the time a child starts speaking, with the process of learning some foreign language at a later age, is really amazing. Under normal circumstances a child picks up its mother tongue in a perfect way. Anybody learning another language at a later stage in life, will only with great effort manage to master this language at the same level of his mother tongue .

On the other hand when a child is picking up its mother tongue, it is not been exposed yet to all the possible syntactical combinations and grammatical exceptions of that language. So it is not possible to say that children pick up their mother tongue just by reproduction of the given examples. This is also indicated by the fact that when a child learns its mother tongue from a person who is not a native speaker in that language, the child by instinct will nevertheless master its mother tongue in an accurate way.

It is like at the time of birth an intuitive understanding of grammar is given. This in-built functionality of learning a mother tongue just needs to be fed with any human language.

So that actually completes three instruments enabling human beings to construct own realities: senses – language – consciousness.

The same way a human being perceives what we consider to be our world, within the limits of time and space it can imagine, it actually could perceive any world: it is able to perceive sensations through it senses, it is able to learn any – spoken – language and it has consciousness to categorize the sensations received through its senses. On base of these factors consciousness develops self-awareness and that way initiates the differentiation between what it perceives as itself and what it perceives as the external reality. And most of all it has the tools and capacities to communicate and reflect about those perceived realities and that way creates new realities.

A possible conclusion could be that nature has produced a specific species provided with all necessary instruments to start defining imaginary realities.


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