The Game of Deception

Human beings perceive the world through their senses. In the process of perception our senses more or less act as some kind of windows. Windows through which our consciousness looks at what it calls ‘Reality’.

The way consciousness perceives things is strongly influenced by external factors like culture, education, family, etc.: the structures of our individual perception capacity.

These structures defining our individual perception capacity differ from individual to individual. Consciousness shapes its laws, they are not shaped by nature. That is why every individual sees the world different and has a different believes and convictions about the world and about life in general.

So there are actually two factors shaping nature or the world: consciousness and the senses. One essential thing about living beings is that they perceive some kind of reality that as a matter of fact only is a carve out of reality. The problem is that living beings take that carve out from reality as entire reality.

Human beings perceive their individual reality in two steps. First step is the reality perceived through the senses. This reality is already not complete because it is limited by the nature of the senses. A human being for example can only hear a certain range of frequencies. This fragmentary piece of reality, that is perceived through the senses, in a second step is interpreted by the structures shaped by consciousness.

Consequently it is strange that nature not only created for some reason consciousness, but also provided the combination of consciousness with senses. Senses being an instrument that seems to be perfectly fit to perceive at least a carve out of nature or reality. Without senses living beings could not perceive limited aspects of reality. Without consciousness living beings could not start processing these sensations obtained by the senses, in order to start developing structures through which nature is interpreted. Without this combination the human race would not have been able to start shaping its own realities. Realities which on their turn again are structures through which later generations perceive and create new realities.

It is the combination of consciousness and senses that keep this game of deception alive.


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