Kupamanduka – The Frog in the Well

Kupamanduka is a Sanskrit word that literally translated means frog in the well. It used as an expression to define a person having a restricted and isolated view on the world. A frog living in a well, considering the well as all there is in the world.

But aren’t we in some way all kupamandukas? We maybe do not live in a well, but the dimensions time and space can be seen as our well. What we experience today is the life in the well. Everything else are stories, memories, hopes, plans, ambitions, etc.

Our personal well is limited by the words and expressions we know. The vocabulary, the opinions and the convictions, provided by the background and society we are living in, have built the walls of the well.

Of course it is possible to extend the well by meeting other kupamandukas or by exploring other wells. But still there always will be walls shaping a well. For the kupamanduka, that we all are, it is impossible to break through the walls. What is there behind the horizon of life simply cannot be grasped by the kupamanduka.

It is the fate – or should I say doom – of the kupamanduka that the possibility of jumping out of the well one day will always remain nothing but an illusion.


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