According to the legend the ‘lake of rocks’ came into existence by two giants throwing rocks at each other. One of the giants lived on the Feldberg, the other one high above on Hohenstein. The giant living on Hohenstein got angry and in his anger started throwing rocks at the giant living on Feldberg. Since the giant at Hohenstein had more rocks, the giant living at Feldberg got buried under rocks. Under these rocks the giant is still burried. The legend says that if you stamp with your foot hard enough on the ground, you can still hear the wailing of the giant.

(Source: Hessenlexikon)

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The starting point for this walk is Reichenbach (Lauterntal). There is a car parking straight at the Felsenmeer. Not far from the parking is also the well where according to the Nibelungen legend Siegfried, the dragon slayer, was killed by Hagen von Tronje by throwing a spear into Siegfried’s shoulder when bending over the well to drink from it. Siegfried’s shoulder was his only woundable spot since it was covered by a leaf fallen from the tree when he was taking a bath in the dragons blood to become invulnerable.


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