Substance and matter

The universe is considered to be the most vast and expandable thing that we can imagine. But does the universe really exist the way we perceive and intellectually grasp it, or do we only think it exists perceived as a universe by the limited and conditioned human mind? If there would not be living beings gifted with intelligence enabling them to physically observe things and reflect about those things, would there actually be a universe at all?

The universe that we observe through our senses is an individual subject defined within the limitations of the perceptive capacaties of the human mind. Of course, to have a subjective universe observed by someone, there must be an objective universe or substance too from which the observed and the observer are derived. This objective – and therefore non-changing – universe or substance cannot be grasped by the human intellect because in contrary to the empirical reality of the universe which we pretend to know, it is rather a metaphysical reality.

Unlike the subjective universe, which is created in the human mind, the underlying objective universe or substance cannot be measured within the dimensions of time and space and therefore is non-changing and within human definitions even non-existable.

The reality imagined by the human mind is not only limited to the measurements of the self-defined dimensions time and space, it is also limited to its own intellectual capacities combined with the limitations of the senses. As a matter of fact the subjective universe as we humans know it, exists only in that degree in which it subsists in our consciousness.

Our consciousness on its turn can only exist and operate within the limits of time, space and causality. The subjective universe which is created within our consciousness therefore is built exactly on this impermanent foundation: time, space and causality.

So if you have a closer look at it, it could be that the universe as we know it, is nothing but a figurative representation of the objective universe or substance conceived by the categories of our consciousness and intellect. An objective universe or substance which is unknowable to the conditioned human mind.


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