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The Sound of the Machine


In the corner of this
room with a view
on a turbulent world

from a faded picture
god dressed in a harlequins dress
is staring into the semidarkness

a river unceasingly pouring
its tristesse into this world
is flowing past the everburning pyres,
gates to another world

every day again the homeless
fight over the leftovers of those
who always look at you
with their hired smiles

sad tunes from a tango bar
in downtown Buenos Aires
on a Monday morning
reverbarate through the subway station

the monotonous sound
of this ever running machine
cannot be turned off


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from the train station
there is a maze of narrow alleys
taking you down to the Ganges

where summer’s breath
mixed with the grey film
hanging over the city
whispers life is a ghost

in the shelters of the homeless
veiled widows endure their lives in
a frightening state of

the ghats of the city crowded by people
waiting for that moment
their existence gets carried away by
the everlasting monotony of the river

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Land’s End


There we stood at Land’s End’s rugged landscape
Staring at the sea we tried to imagine the world behind the horizon
Overlooking the dawn of another eventless day,
the light of day was getting brighter and brighter
Only the world around us remained blurred and void as ever
All those people and their strangeness seemed to be so far away
And when the rain finally settled in,
sadness was the only coat to our chaotic souls
But still we were feeling great somehow

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Weird Radio Songs


Weird radio songs keep on telling
Stories about a strange man bringing people across the river
What if on the day the radio turns silent
That ferry man drops us at the wrong edge of the river

Into a land where people say nothing,
Into a land where people are deceitful and manipulative,
Into a land that makes us sick,
Into a land where we don’t want to be

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in those sudden moments of Melancholia
just like rivers start to flow
without knowing their estuary
thoughts start digging up shadows of the past

drifting away on such a journey
every second another train is departing
to those far away places
hideaways from daily worries

movies keep on playing
on the screen of the mind
some in black and white
some in the brightest of colors

this scenic road of memories
leading through narrow serpentine curves
across steep ocean cliffs
going nowhere

those voices of the past
full of apathy towards the future
reaching out like lonely sounds
in the silence of a cold winter night

waking up in reality again
we usually retrieve ourselves
queuing again in the rows of normality

surrounded by the run of
humanity and its pursuits
carrying on as usual

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Quantification of our lives
What is your beginning?
Not doing anything
Through you all things happen
Supposed to be a cure to the pain
You actually are the torment

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Late at night after the last ill tidings on Deutschlandfunk
Were thrown up into the dreariness of every day life

In this room with its small attic window
Gazing into the emptiness of the starry firmament
Amidst a huge collection of weird music
Black and white images of war bulletins
Flickered indifferently on a small TV screen

The psychosis and solitude of this shelter
Slowly disintegrating life into disorder


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